Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Sealant is a premium-grade, superior polymer, multipurpose exterior sealant that offers unbeatable adhesion to most common building materials. It is specifically formulated to outperform all other sealant technologies, including VOC solvent, silicones, tripolymers and urethanes. It can be extruded in extreme temperatures, remains permanently flexible with no shrinkage, adheres well to damp surfaces and provides a weather-tight seal against water, wind, dust and dirt.

Features & Benefits

  • IDEAL FOR: Exterior applications like: windows, doors, shutters, exterior trim, metal/vinyl siding, gutters, vents, RVs, metal roofs, tractor trailers and buses.
  • SEALS: PVC, wood, concrete, masonry, stucco, wall panels, vinyl, glass, fiberglass, plastic, siding, flashing, sheet metal, Kynar™ coated metals, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper and most common building materials.
  • Joint movement capability ± 50%
  • Permanently flexible - Will not crack
  • Outperforms silicone, tripolymer and urethane sealants
  • Applies in extreme weather conditions
  • UV-resistant and VOC-compliant
  • Compatible with all types of foam
  • Approved for use on buildings in both Miami-Dade County and throughout the country
  • Titebond Sealants – The Trusted Choice for The Pro in You


  • ASTM C920 Type S Grade NS Class 50 Use T, NT, M, A & G
  • Federal Specification TT-S-00230C Type II Class A
Meets the requirements of:
  • CAN/CGSB-19 13-M87 Classification MCG-2-25-A-N
  • AAMA 803.3-16 (white & colors)
  • AAMA 808.3-16 (white & colors)

**Not Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Translucent

Application Guidelines

  • Application Temperature: Above 0°F (-18°C)
  • Service Temperature Range: -75°F to 212°F (-59°C to 100°C) white & colors, -40°F to 350°F (-40°C to 177°) translucent
  • Method of Application: Cartridge/caulking gun, bulk/sausage gun
  • Tooling Time: For a 1/4” bead, approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Application Directions: 1. Surfaces must be clean and free of any material that may prevent adequate adhesion. 2. Remove nozzle, cut tip of the nub and puncture inner foil seal. 3. Screw nozzle onto cartridge and cut tip on slant for 1/4" to 3/8" bead and place in cartridge gun. 4. Force sealant into clean joint. Always apply sealant in bead form. To ensure neat sealant lines, mask areas adjacent to joints. Once sealant is dry to the touch and does not transfer, remove masking tape. No tooling is required. It is the sole responsibility of the user to thoroughly test any proposed use with all substrates to determine project suitability.
  • Painting: Sealant is intended for exterior use. If used indoors, sealant may need to be painted. In most cases, painting may occur one hour after application with a high-quality acrylic, water-based (latex) paint that does not contain plasticizer. For other paint types, a compatibility test is recommended.
  • Cleanup: Clean uncured material with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. After curing, excess sealant must be cut or scraped away. Follow solvent vendor’s precautions when using solvents.
  • Coverage:
    Container1/8” Bead1/4" Bead3/8" Bead1/2" Bead
    9.5 oz. Cartridge116 ft.29 ft.13 ft.7 ft.

Physical Properties

  • Type: Elastomeric superior polymer
  • Reactive VOC: <50 g/L (<2%) white/colors/clear, <50 g/L (<1.5%) translucent
  • Solids: 100%
  • Viscosity: 102,000 cps white & colors; 650,000 cps clear & translucent
  • Reactive VOC - Transluscent: 3 g/L (<0.3% wt.)
  • Freeze / Thaw Stability: Stable
  • Flashpoint: Solvent free/Not applicable
  • Storage Life: 36 months in a dry location at or below 75°F (24°C); 24 months clear & translucent


Not designed for continuous submersion or use below the waterline. Air, sealant and surface temperature should be above 0°F. Copper should be coated to eliminate oxidation before sealing. Once sealant is applied, do not wipe with solvents or tooling aids such as soaps or oils. DO NOT TOOL – DO NOT SMEAR. It is highly recommended to use backing material. Application of sealant at high temperatures may cause the sealant to sag in some applications. Do not apply Ultimate MP Translucent to polycarbonate due to solvent cracking, for Clear and Colors check with polycarbonate supplier on compatibility. Sealant releases methanol during cure, check with substrate manufacturer for compatibility. For best results, store in a dry location at or below 75°F. Contact with asphalt or butyl may cause discoloration, but will not affect product performance.

*Titebond WeatherMaster ULTIMATE MP Translucent (#71111) is not paintable.

Product SKUs

Part NumberUPCCase UPCSizeWeightUnits Per PackagePackages Per PalletColor
71001037083710014100370837100119.5 Oz. Cartridge - White12.4112108
710020370837100211003708371002820 Oz. Sausage Pack - White38.512042
71011037083710113100370837101109.5 Oz. Cartridge - Off White12.4112108
710120370837101201003708371012720 Oz. Sausage Pack - Off White38.512042
71021037083710212100370837102199.5 Oz. Cartridge - Limestone12.4112108
710220370837102291003708371022620 Oz. Sausage Pack - Limestone38.512042
71031037083710311100370837103189.5 Oz. Cartridge - Stone12.4112108
710320370837103281003708371032520 Oz. Sausage Pack - Stone38.512042
71041037083710410100370837104179.5 Oz. Cartridge - Tan12.4112108
710420370837104271003708371042420 Oz. Sausage Pack - Tan38.512042
71051037083710519100370837105169.5 Oz. Cartridge - Aluminum Gray12.4112108
710520370837105261003708371052320 Oz. Sausage Pack - Aluminum Gray38.512042
71061037083710618100370837106159.5 Oz. Cartridge - Redwood12.4112108
710620370837106251003708371062220 Oz. Sausage Pack - Redwood38.512042
71071037083710717100370837107149.5 Oz. Cartridge - Dark/Special Bronze12.4112108
710720370837107241003708371072120 Oz. Sausage Pack - Dark/Special Bronze38.512042
71081037083710816100370837108139.5 Oz. Cartridge - Med Bronze12.4112108
710820370837108231003708371082020 Oz. Sausage Pack - Med Bronze38.512042
71091037083710915100370837109129.5 Oz. Cartridge - Black12.4112108
710920370837109221003708371092920 Oz. Sausage Pack - Black38.512042
71101037083711011100370837110189.5 Oz. Cartridge - Hunter Green12.4112108
711020370837110281003708371102520 Oz. Sausage Pack - Hunter Green38.512042
71111037083711110100370837111179.5 Oz. Cartridge - Translucent9.6412108
71211037083712117100370837121149.5 Oz. Cartridge - Terracotta12.4112108
73991037083739916100370837399139.5 Oz. Cartridge - Crystal Clear9.6412108

Warranty Statement

Liability is limited to product replacement only.

Important Notice: Our recommendations, if any, for the use of this product are based on tests believed to be reliable. Since the use of this product is beyond the control of the manufacturer, no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to such use or effects incidental to such use, handling or possession or the results to be obtained, whether in accordance with the directions or claimed so to be. The manufacturer expressly disclaims responsibility therefore. Furthermore, nothing contained herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with existing laws and/or patents covering any material or use.

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